In-Depth Dossier Service Engagement

The information provided aims to obtain and guide clients to extract relevant information from the candidate for the research and compilation of an in-depth dossier of the said candidate.
We suggest that the client obtain as much information on the candidate (if he/she is attending an interview prior to this service being engaged). Most of the information should be available readily from the candidate's CV / resume, especially if they are using the format of Jobstreet or equivalent services. However, some of the not-so-common information that will be of great help to us are also specified in the form such as:
  • The private email addresses of the candidate (and many people will have more than one email address)
  • The social media ID such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc. 
    If you are not able to obtain any of the above, it is all right, we have the ability and tools to do the necessary. But having the information means that cross referencing work can be done at a much faster pace and allowing us to complete the assignment earlier.
Powerof3 Consultants will do its level best to obtain the relevant information of the candidate but our effort for this assignment is restricted to information on-line only (for Online-Dossier) or employment history related information only (for Job-Dossier). Confidential information not readily available shall be beyond the scope of this engagement. 

Upon receipt of your submission of this In-Depty Dossier Service Engagement Form, you are deemed to have engaged our services and we shall be deemed to have commenced work upon the research & compilation fees being remitted.  A confirmation note will be generated by our system once your submission is successful. This note will provide you with the relevant payment instructions. We accept direct bank on-line transfer, as well as Paypal for this service. 

In-Depth Dossier Service Engagement Form