Engaging Our Academic Credential Verification Service

Before filling in the form below, we suggest that your read the following guidelines:

  1. Please read through the Service Engagement Form to ensure that you have collected the required information from the candidate.
  2. Most of the personal information required should have been collected from the candidate's job application form or standard Jobstreet-type resume.
  3. If you have more than one candidates, please use a separate form for each individual. The fees schedule is applicable to a single candidate, thus if you have 2 candidates (each with 1 credential to verify), this will be computed as 2 separate individuals and the fees will be charged accordingly.
  4. We suggest that you pay particular attention to the followings:
    • The name of the credential /qualification as appear on the testamur / certificate;
    • The candidates date of completion, date of graduation, duration of studies;
    • The name of the institution awarding the said credential;
    • The classification of the credential, especially if it is an undergraduate degree;
    • The major of the studies taken;
    • The final year project / Master or PhD thesis title (this may have to be obtained only during the interview session for the candidate).
We have provided room to accommodate simultaneously 2 credentials for a single candidate to be verified in this form. However if you have a candidate with 3 or more credentials, please indicate this accordingly when you are doing multiple submissions in the form.

Upon receipt of your submission of this Service Engagement Form, you are deemed to have engaged our services and we shall be deemed to have commenced work upon the verification fees being remitted.  A confirmation note will be generated by our system once your submission is successful. This note will provide you with the relevant payment instructions. Please print or save the content of the payment instructions for your reference. We accept direct bank in of cash, bank on-line transfer, as well as Paypal transfer (including credit card payment) for this service. 

We apologize for the need for you to fill in this relatively detailed form, however, the more detailed information that is given to us, the faster & more accurate will be the information obtained and analysed by us. We seek your kind understanding in this respect.

Academic Credential Verification: Service Engagement Form