Academic Verification Service

Powerof3 Consultants (P3) provides a quick & economical service to carry out the most important check on a potential hire /existing staff: the person's integrity. Padding one's resume is done very often & the first step to check a person's integrity is none other than to check his/her academic credentials.

To ensure confidentiality, our summary report shall be encrypted.

The Type of Credentials Verified:

  • Academic degrees, diploma, postgraduate qualifications 

(We are unable to verify certification obtained from training attended.)

Academic Credentials Covered:

  • Local (Malaysian) institutions of higher learning (public & private)
  • Universities from British, Australia and USA   

Information provided by our verification service?

A summary report indicating the findings of the verification process with the followings:
  • Foreign credentials--> we will confirm if this is an accredited institution in the country of origin.

  • Local credentials--> we will confirm if the credential is accredited or issued by the relevant agencies in the country.


Engaging our services

The key information on a candidates needs to be provided to us via our Service Engagement Form. Payment instructions are given upon submission.

3 working days is needed to complete our work. Express service of 24 hours turnaround time is available for an additional surcharge.


How do I pay for the services?
  • Direct cash bank-in to our MayBank account
  • on-line transfer
  • Paypal transfer
  • Credit card payment via Paypal
Please go to Pricing & Payment & follow the instructions provided.