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Academic Verification

The Need for Credential Verification
Even in high profile positions, the temptation for resume padding is high. The 13th May 2012 resignation of Yahoo's CEO provides the latest example of such rampant unethical practice. In late June 2013, it was revealed that certain cabinet ministers of Malaysia also hold dubious degrees.

If you are a recruiter, would you want to skip the process of verifying your candidate's academic credentials?

Would you want to, as in the case of the recruiter above, face the consequences of your slight lack of vigilance & resulting in grave consequences?

Why not have a peace of mind......engage our Academic Verification Service to verify the academic credentials of your candidates.

While we cannot be 100% sure of unearthing dubious qualifications each time, the fact that as an employer you show your potential hire that you carry out credential verification on each candidate will serve as a good deterrent for anyone contemplating about padding his/her resume!

In fact, to avoid wasting your precious time and resources, we encourage you to engage our service on shortlisted candidates BEFORE the interview session to weed out "pretenders".