Pricing & Payment

We accept:
  • Direct cash bank-in or on-line transfer of fund as payments into our MayBank account;

  • Payments via Paypal fund transfer (for those clients with Paypal accounts); &

  • Any credit card payment from via Paypal payment platform 
After submission of the relevant service engagement form is completed, a confirmation message from our system detailing how you could make payment will be generated which will include our bank account details & further payment instructions etc. for our clients
Academic Credential Verification Service

Verification fees structure per candidate:

  • RM50 for each academic credential
  • Surcharge of RM30 for urgent service per academic credential


If you are using the Paypal option please follow the instructions on Paypal. There is no need for you to email us. Thanks.

Paypal - Academic Verification

Business & Technical Writing and Business Research Services

Our Rates:
Our rates are dependent on the complexity and extent of writing (number of words) of the job assigned. Please contact us for our competitive rate.

We will generate an email with the Paypal payment instructions for you to use this service to pay us. Please follow the instructions therein accordingly.