Pricing & Payment

We accept:
  • Direct cash bank-in or on-line transfer of fund as payments into our MayBank account;

  • Payments via PayPal fund transfer (for those clients with PayPal accounts); &

  • Any credit card payment from via PayPal payment platform 
After receiving the relevant information in our Contact Form relating to your needs etc., we will respond with a confirmation message (which has details on how you could make payment  if you have chosen to use direct cash bank-in or on-line transfer). 

We encourage clients to choose to pay via PayPal or via  credit card (using PayPal's platform).
Business Consultation & Advisory Service

Please fill in the Contact Form and give us your contact details (email, mobile phone number etc.)

Business consultation fees structure:

  • RM100 for each session of consultation (up to 1 hour).
  • RM300 for each business research topic.
  • RM300 for each topic of business write-up.
  • Business consultation fees for the first session is waived if we are engaged in a combination of business consultation, business research and/or business writing services;
    • 1 business consultation session + 1 business research topic =  RM300;
    • 1 business consultation session + 1 business write up (1 topic) =  RM300;
    • Combo of 1 business consultation session, 1 business research topic & write up (of the same topic) =  RM500


If you are using the Paypal option please follow the instructions on Paypal. There is no need for you to email us. Thanks.

Payment via Paypal

Business & Technical Writing and Business Research Services

Our Rates:
Our rates are dependent on the complexity and extent of writing (number of words) of the job assigned. 

For one topic of business research, we will charge RM300 where we will provide desk research and compile the information gathered in a document for the client. This rate is for plain research without any analytical inputs from us.

For business writing, with the facts and figures (and images) provided by the client, we will charge RM300 for each topic that we are providing a write-up.

Normally clients will engage us on a combination of consultation, research and write-up. For this sort of engagements, we will waive the business consultation fees and charge a rate of RM500 for the combo-service (for each business topic).

Please contact us for our competitive rate for more complex business research and writing involving multiple topic / research areas.

We will generate an email with the Paypal payment instructions for you to use this service to pay us. Please follow the instructions therein accordingly.