Degree Mills are "thriving" in China (worldwide)!

posted Jun 10, 2012, 8:39 PM by Everboleh Chow
A commentary from World Education News and Reviews, on an article published by University World News brought home the seriousness of fake degrees being presented and unwittingly accepted by universities and employers.

Vigilance by all employers against such a lack of integrity of potential (and existing) staff is called for and more so than ever before. It is reported that some universities and employers in China do not routinely check the authenticity of academic credentials being presented. This is an alarming trend which will only benefit the degree mills and those whose integrity is questionable.

P3's View: Employers worldwide should be vigilant in screening potential (and existing) staff's academic qualifications. The degree mill industry is not only thriving in China but worldwide and more so due to the internet distribution methods. A person's integrity is most easily put to the test by the academic qualifications presented by him/her....if he/she is prepared to lie to get that job or get ahead...this person is highly likely to commit further acts of dishonesty in all aspects of the operation of your company! Hence investing a little effort in verifying his/her academic credentials will bring immense benefits & "peace of mind".