Changing the Economics of Education - from The Wall Street Journal

posted Jun 10, 2012, 8:37 PM by Everboleh Chow
This article is an excerpt of an interview session between WSJ's Mr. Morseburg, Salman Khan of Khan Academy & Stanford University President John Hennessy.

Salman Khan's advocating the decoupling of acquiring credential (coined, "credentialing") from learning to acquire knowledge so that the cost for those interested in credentialing but already has the required knowledge from a "cheaper" or free learning source...aka Khan Academy, is food for thought!

Stanford University is the pioneer in providing learning opportunity (to acquire knowledge) free for their series of online courses for which I am one of the students on their Venture Entrepreneurship course by Professor Chuck Eesley and his team.

It seems that the acquisition of knowledge side has began to be decoupled but the credentialing side is still not yet been untangled from the traditional college education system.

We have embedded the video below: